A Little Help From Our Friends: Whole Foods

In Uncategorized on July 24, 2010 at 11:52 pm

You can’t see Coach’s face in the photo above but that is the way he likes it. We know his name but I have yet to hear anyone address him or refer to him as such. He is simply “Coach.” He is a regional farming expert from Whole Foods who is dispatched out to various community garden initiatives to help them realize their dreams through organic best practices. He is an amazing example of Whole Food’s commitment to individual neighborhoods and larger communities where their stores are located, a commitment to not only provide financial support but educational support as well.

Coach is many things to us and others he helps – organic gardening expert, bull labor with the tiller he hauls around in his truck, development wizard – but he is ultimately an excellent teacher. A teacher that spares the negatives, inspires those around him to succeed through the example of his own hard work and expertise, and pushes so quietly that you barely recognize how you found yourself behind a large tiller.

Coach has already been out to our farm twice and a third visit is coming up soon. Without his assistance and the support of Whole Foods in lending him to us, it would have been exceptionally difficult for us to be on track to welcome the kids back to school with a new garden planted for fall crops. Thanks Coach!


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