Cup Gardens

In Uncategorized on July 28, 2010 at 7:25 pm

Initially we planned for a sprawling flower and herb bed to the west of our four main beds. After creating the herb bed on Friday, as we worked the soil, we noticed that the bed was naturally creating smaller spaces, which naturally fit into one of our favorite garden concepts, the cup garden. We first noticed cup gardens at Innisfree, a garden in Upstate New York. Cup Gardens are Chinese gardens defined by their borders and surroundings. Their depiction in paintings spread the concept of creating pockets of gardens for various purposes from fruit orchards to gathering areas.

By breaking the garden into emerging cup gardens, the bed organically creates smaller spaces that each class at Walker Jones can adopt and call their own. Each class can map, plan, care for and share their cup garden and therefore have a piece of the herb and flower bed that they can called their own. As we receive more herb donations (we won’t turn herbs like rosemary and lavender down!), we will help classes and teachers create cup gardens that are formed by the existing contours and boundaries of the bed. We are excited about the emerging part of the farm and are excited that students and teachers will be able to impact the farm in this way.


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