A Fortnight

In Uncategorized on July 30, 2010 at 12:05 am

It officially has been a two week transition from a vacant lot to school farm sprouting vibrant seedlings. Over the last fourteen days we have made major strides in creating a working urban farm for the students and families of the Walker Jones Education Campus. Our work has included:

. Tilling four 1600 square foot vegetable beds
. Finding straw in nearby lot and mulching with it
. Receiving and planting seeds from Fedco
. Creating a pumpkin bed to continue last years tradition
. Planting beets, chard, collards, beans, and squash
. Setting up make-shift watering system
. Working with surveyors and DCPS on designing water cut
. Collecting and planting herbs and cut gardens
. Building compost bin with pallets from Florida Avenue Market
. Creating Kindergarten farm curriculum and Farm Handbook

As we work on turning a vacant lot into a school farm, a constant conversation as we work is about how we use land in our nation’s capital. The first fortnight of the The Farm at Walker Jones has made us think a lot about land use and how cities and schools decide to use their property. We are excited that Walker Jones has made the commitment to growing food on an accessible and highly visible portion of their campus.

As we think about how to make health and wellness a priority in the District of Columbia and the nation, Walker Jones is taking a strong first step in demonstrating that land use decisions are key in demonstrating dedication to helping children and families create healthy lifestyles. We hope more District landowners, residents and decision-makers join Walker Jones in creating a healthier future for our city.


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