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It is clear that The Farm at Walker Jones has the potential to be a key component of the school and the neighborhood. However, to reach its true potential, the farm will grow and prosper based on the strength of its volunteers.

Yesterday we had a dynamic cast of first time volunteers and visitors who helped weed, feed and care for the farm:

Mike and Amy spend Sundays working with Eco Friendly Foods at the Dupont Farmers Market and have founded local school garden projects. They saw WJ farm, and stopped by on a whim and realized that they knew John and Sidra from on an event at their house. Mike has promised to look into the possibility of catfish farming at the farm.

Ylene is a long-time friend and doctor who spoke of new ways that physicians are fighting obesity. Ylene is also connected with Gonzaga, a high school around the corner and is going to help us explore volunteer connections.

Jessica, a college friend of Braden’s on a bike ride– the farm it turns out is a great destination for bike rides and many volunteers have incorporated a drop by on their weekend bike rides.

Abby a photographer friend who dropped by on her way to the beach.

Laurie is going to bring us pumpkin plants from her house that were about to be destroyed because of impending construction.

Kelly came over from Virginia and is coming back today!

Rachel brought a great perspective on city politics and a love of the farm.

Aisha was working at the Northwest One library and is going to come by next week and get her hands dirty.

Garland works across the street at the senior center and will be a long-time friend of the farm. Garland said, “This reminds me of my family’s farm I grew up on in South Carolina. All schools should be doing this.”

With all these helping hands we were able to intensely feed and weed. Each volunteer carefully weeded crab grass that was growing between the beet sprouts and applied compost tea to the emerging sprouts with spray bottles. Happy baby beet plants, tomorrow we will concentrate on the baby chard.

We hope more people will drop by to help create an awesome educational farm for Walker Jones’ students and families.


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