Baby Beet Greens

In Uncategorized on August 8, 2010 at 10:20 pm

Yesterday we tackled the daunting task of thinning the beet plants. After three weeks of nurturing the baby plants we knew we had to remove about half of the young healthy plants, so the largest of the plants would have space to thrive and hopefully develop beet roots. This is an anxiety ridden task that must be done carefully by hand. Luckily we had several volunteers show up to assist.

We chatted and thinned. One of the volunteers who lives caddy corner to the garden was a first time gardener. She was a huge help and promised to join us next Saturday! Another volunteer, a fourth grade teacher, said he would join again before school starts and will work to integrate the garden into his classroom.

The result of the thinning was lots of beautiful baby beet greens. Last night after several washings we feasted on roasted beet greens and local hand made rice noodles from China Boy at 817 Sixth Street NW (just blocks from the farm).

Roasted Baby Beet Greens
Heat oven to broil.
Place beet greens on a sheet tray. Lightly season with grapeseed oil salt and pepper.
Broil beet greens until just wilted.


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