Community Garden Event Today At Whole Foods P Street

In Uncategorized on August 8, 2010 at 12:28 am

Daniel Thaeler from Whole Foods P Street gave four local gardening organizations the opportunity to share their stories today, right out in front of the store on a busy Saturday. We were honored to be represented in the same company as City Blossoms, DCPR and Washington Youth Garden. Walker Jones Education Campus principal, Melissa Martin (far left in the photo), and then assistant principal, Collin Hill, were both excited to see the vibrancy of the local gardening efforts from our neighbors under the tent and grateful for the interest and support voiced by lots of neighbors who stopped by to chat.

As if the opportunity to connect with the community were not enough, Daniel, working with Fadia from the Georgetown store, worked to make our first fruit orchard dreams come true today. When we arrived at WF to set up this morning, Daniel let us know that he had thirty fig trees on hand to send over to the farm immediately. Over the top excitement ensued! So, as Melissa and Collin engaged the community, volunteers back on the farm started digging holes while the baby trees took a shower in the sprinkler. Pop over to our Twitter account to see the photo of those beautiful cradles (otherwise known as holes in the ground). Many thanks to all involved in a wonderful day for the farm!


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