Good Times

In Uncategorized on September 25, 2010 at 2:05 pm

Yesterday saw the happy harvest of multiple pumpkins, the conclusion of an amazing week for us on the farm and in the school.

The work for Back to School night began in earnest last weekend at John and Sidra’s house as hundreds of pounds of beets and zucchini and greens began their transformation into a meal that was to feed over 300 very welcome guests on Tuesday night at school.

All hands on deck as Principal Melissa Martin also joined in the fun peeling beets for hours (and her hands were a telltale reddish purple for days). All seemed worth it as we were able to deliver a delicious, nutritious meal to our families for Back to School Night. The packed house appreciated all (especially the zucchini cake) and the teachers appreciated the large number of happy, well-fed parents that arrived in their classrooms after dinner.

One would think that there would be no food left from the farm after feeding that many, but we were still able to send more than 50 pounds of beets over to DC Central Kitchen, courtesy of our kindergarten beet pickers. The best part of that story? Each of our classes at Walker Jones chooses an identity for themselves, a nickname. Our pickers this day are known as the Superhero Farmers. So who did DCCK make out the donation receipt to on Wednesday? That’s right. Donor: Superhero Farmers. The kids are framing the receipt for their classroom.

And then on Friday, to finish off a great week, we had a very successful Community Breakfast in the school library where we hosted parents, staff and community leaders for a meet and greet with administrators. John and Sidra once again helped prepare food for the guests featuring produce from the garden. They were also able to address the gathering, and update them on the progress of the farm. Tommy Wells, who has been a wonderful supporter of the school and its farm, hinted in a conversation afterward that we might be able to take on chickens too!

How can a week be any better? Well, just look back up to the top of this post. Pumpkins. Beautiful and big and orange. And little smiles galore. That’s what it is all about. A delighted scream of “Look what we grew!” down the school hallway.


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