From Plans to Reality

In Events on April 4, 2011 at 12:51 am

After wintering over, it felt like we were back to square one with the farm. We kept our chins up, we planned and planned, but it was not until this week that some of those plans became realities. We started with a fresh mow and border weed removal. After taking Will Allen’s advice last week to allow the collard and kale beds to remain intact at least for the time being, we had the other two rectangular beds tilled. Quite a job. But the real magic happened today when with little more than the promise of a new farm t-shirt and a hot dog from Whole Foods, tons of our farm friends showed up to help make our farm a more beautiful place.

The weed warriors dug in in earnest to rid our greens and herb patches of nutrient stealing enemies.

And the other extremely hardworking team set about defining our new rows, amending them with compost, and establishing new paths in between rows that are a full 18 inches across to accommodate all our young farmers. The new paths are defined with wood chips so as to make it clear where people walk and where plants live.

We will all be out on the farm again next Sunday from 12-4 with lunch and t-shirts and high hopes. Consider joining us? We would love to work alongside you and tell you about the full scope of our plans – a three sisters labyrinth bed, the bee enclosure, classroom seating, the persimmon trees, the chickens. It is all coming, but we would love your help in making it all happen just a little faster. Many thanks to all for today – families, friends, students and the fantastic Master Gardeners from UDC!


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