Hoop Madness on the Farm

In Kids on the Farm on April 15, 2011 at 10:22 pm

The Farm at Walker Jones has a deep appreciation for all the adult volunteers that help make the effort possible, but nothing can compare with the wall of energy that hit the farm yesterday in the form of a constant stream of students from kindergarten, fourth, sixth, seventh and eighth grade. On that last day of school before spring break, the WJ Tigers went above and beyond to make sure that all of the seedlings they have been nurturing in their classrooms landed in a safe place during break. It was time to get those baby plants acclimated to the outdoors.

The eighth grade boys were the first ones out. Directed by middle school math teacher, John LaRue, and farm director, Sarah Bernardi, they carefully transplanted trays of herb seedlings to larger pots. They then moved on to installing our hoop house along the side of the farm.

Next up, our younger friends all made it out to do a little more transplanting and placement of the pots under cover. It was difficult to determine the biggest draw of the farm visit – getting dirty or running through the tunnel created.

By the time seventh grade made it out with Mr. LaRue for the last period of the day, the cold frame situation was well under control, and so they turned their efforts to moving more compost to the beds.

And of course our ceaselessly entertaining worm population whose appeal has no age limits.

Dirt, worms, bugs – nothing fazed most of the kids. It took adults eating kale off the plants to elicit the “Ewws!” Our hope is that a continuing personal investment in their food source on the farm will eventually make most of them more adventurous eaters. We might have to cook it to sell it to them though as suggested by one very bright seventh grader.


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