Middle School Builds the Garden Teepees

In Kids on the Farm on April 30, 2011 at 11:44 pm

On Friday, our middle school students hit the farm again in order to construct the teepee supports for the pole beans. Under the guidance of math teacher, John LaRue, the students planned out the materials needed, identified the diameter of the circle required, drew those circles in the soil, and then worked together to assemble these supports.

These teepees will allow our pole beans plants to grow healthy, more vigorous vines, and will eventually lead to higher yields than plants without such well-designed supports. Meanwhile, some of our young farmers inside the building, having seen the first model teepee that farm director, Sarah, put up, have been whispering that Indians work our farm at night. We have not corrected them.

Many thanks to all our middle school students and Mr. LaRue who worked so hard on this project! And the hats? Well, they found them with the other supplies and decided to wear them. Kind of funny.


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