A Sink Station at Last!

In Uncategorized on June 26, 2011 at 10:04 pm

Three groups recently teamed up with The Farm to build the first covered structure on our urban oasis – a sink station, fed by rain barrels.

Bob Schless and Dave Silbert are co-founders of So What Else, a grassroots humanitarian movement designed to strengthen area non-profits by bolstering volunteerism and inspiring activism. After we identified our most pressing need as a covered structure under which to rinse hands and veggies on the Farm, they worked to make our vision a reality by bringing together the know-how (their carpenters) and the muscle (their volunteers).

Want to see something really cool? So What Else associates Ryan Helfer and David Ross built this work table above from a deconstructed pallet. Genius! And there was no stopping these guys. Eduardo Gonzalez and company worked past sunset to complete the structure.

Students for Environmental Action, a K-12 environmental club at the Potomac School led by Bern Hoffman, not only purchased all the supplies needed for the sink station, but hand delivered them to the Farm on their school bus! The club focuses on environmental intiatives and awareness throughout the school and the greater community. They were glad to donate a portion of the proceeds from their Earth Day Farmer’s Market. “We recognize the important message that Walker Jones is sending to its students and would like to to support that”.

The day also provided an opportunity for a wonderful group of young adults from Hearts and Homes, an organization helping troubled children and youth become independent productive adults, to get some hands on farming experience. A few of them had some really good advice for us and they put in a full day of work! A couple are making plans to come back on a regular basis as farm interns.

Chloe Perez, Program Administrator of Residential Services, had this to say about the day’s experience: “Our kids really enjoyed the farm experience. They said they really felt like they were helping. The staff who accompanied and supervised the kids were so proud of those who participated because they were so focused and hard working, and it was the first of this kind of experience for most of them. They even expressed interest in creating a garden at their own house when they returned. The staff really enjoyed seeing them make such a contribution to the community.”

Many thanks to all who made our new sink station building day possible! We are constantly overwhelmed by the acts of kindness and generosity that feed our farming efforts. Now take a look at what the day’s efforts rendered.


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