Blue Ribbon Youth Leadership Institute Visit

In Uncategorized on April 15, 2012 at 12:04 am

Last Wednesday, 31 high school students from Chapel Hill, NC, spent the morning learning and working at The Farm. After Sarah explained that serotonin could be absorbed by digging in the dirt with bare hands and that the bee colonies house at The Farm were ruled by powerful queens, the students went to work, keeping a curious eye on the bees. The energetic 9-12th grade students weeded the strawberry garden, transplanted lettuce and kale seedlings, tilled the herb garden, and cleared a perimeter around our annuals bed.

“I hope to impact DC by giving back to their community,” said 12th grade student Cyerah O’Briant. The students were part of the Blue Ribbon Youth Leadership Institute, an organization dedicated to providing youth with leadership skills necessary to become servant leaders in their communities and to empower them to be advocates for change. The group of students was visiting D.C. for their annual alternative spring break trip where students participate in service projects, college visits, and cultural enrichment activities. Many of the students had worked in in community garden in Chapel Hill before, but most of the group had never been to D.C.


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