Day on the Farm with Fulbright Scholars

In Uncategorized on April 28, 2012 at 9:17 pm

Recently, our students spent an entire morning out on the farm working with a group of Fulbright scholars visiting the city. The kids were very curious about all of the places the volunteers hailed from, and the questions they directed at our new friends from Australia and Germany and many other points were seemingly never-ending. However, the questioning had to continue through an ambitious work schedule for the morning.

The high point of the day for our younger students was the worm farm that the scholars put together for the farm.

They are laughing in this photo because despite the instructions coming in five languages, all of them known by at least one member of the group, it still proved a challenging project. While the kids waited for completion, they made a kale salad for the worms.

And poked around in the bucket of worms to make sure they were ready for their new home.

And then could not get enough of them once moved to their permanent house. Mrs. Felder, second grade teacher, here helps the students understand how worms are beneficial to our farm.

The older kids had plenty to do as well.

And were even joined by Assistant Principal Hill in weeding the butterfly garden.

And how did we keep them all going strong? We encouraged them to eat the blossoms off these kale plants. They LOVED them! Well, most of them did. There were the three children who claimed they tasted like dirt.

Many thanks to the Fulbright scholars who helped make for such a happy and educational morning on the farm!


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