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Our Pumpkin Story

In Events, Happy Moments on November 12, 2012 at 11:43 pm

We teach our great kids many things about the food they help grow on the farm, but the one thing they constantly remind us adults of is that the farm is a very FUN place to be. You see, magical things happen there. Mounds of dirt and a handful of seeds turn into big delicious things to eat and enjoy. So for the sheer fun of it, each year we plant pumpkins and lots of them in anticipation of one of the most fun days of the year – Halloween. The first year we were moderately successful and we had 50 or so gorgeous little pumpkins for the kids to take home and enjoy at school both visually and as tasty treats. In year two, they came a bit too early and suffered from the nasty pumpkin rot that afflicted so many growers in the area last year. But this year…. We hit the pumpkin jackpot! We started with a brand new bed just for our round orange babies. A pie shaped bed. We know this is a little silly but we serve the needs of children. We know the power of silly.

The vines went mad all through August and then came the flowers.

And then the dark green babies.

And then lots and lots of orange.

Until Halloween saw the gathering of well over 100 pumpkins. They were everywhere!

And made this day the happiest of celebrations! A celebration of not just the treats and mischief associated with the day but a celebration of the gifts our farm gives us.