Three and Four Sisters Garden

In Improvements on June 30, 2013 at 12:36 am

4 sis 5

The traditional Iroquois native-American system for companion planting has corn, runner beans, and pumpkins planted together so that the beans climb up the support of the corn stalks while the pumpkin/squash leaves shade out weeds ~ the Anasazi tradition in the American desert south-west used a fourth sister, Cleome serrulata (Rocky Mountain beeplant), as a pollinator-attracting flower.

4 sis 1gridded

4 sis 4

mounded ~ especially for corn, pumpkins and squash, raised mounds are warmer, allow the plants feet to avoid being too wet, and allow for air circulation between plants to help prevent mildew and fungus in the humid mid-Atlantic Summer

4 sis 2

planted ~ the stakes mark those mounds planted with a hybrid yellow sh2 (super sweet) corn ‘Vision’ ~ when the corn is about 6″ high, scarlet runner beans are planted around each corn plant, and on 6 of the empty mounds, simultaneous to bean planting, will go a mix of ‘Marina da Chioggia’, ‘Kakai’, and ‘Speckled Hound’ heirloom pumpkins (for harvest around October 5th)~ the remaining 4 mounds will be planted with Cleome serrulata

4 sis 8

July 30th Update:

4 sis 7

August 23rd Update:

4 sis 6


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