Through the Eyes of a Child

In In the Classroom, Kids on the Farm on October 12, 2013 at 9:36 pm

pumpkin patch 1This season’s “Pumpkin Patch.”

Every year we plant enough pumpkins so that each of our Pre-schoolers and Pre-Kindergartners can harvest their very own pumpkin on Hallowe’en. The field in which they are planted also then becomes the field in which they work for the remainder of the school year. As per our crop rotation protocol, the next rotation after Cucurbitaceae (in this field we also have watermelons, ‘Delicata’ squash, and cucumbers) will be the Legumes, when our youngest kids will plant seeds for the very first time; in March, with a lusty “Root, Shoot, Toot” all our 80-odd 3 and 4 yr-olds will plant our beans and peas.

pumpkin patch 2

Monitoring the progress of all our crops is a regular part of class visits (from the emergence of male flowers, the pollination of female flowers by honeybees and bumblebees, the beginnings of fruit with small green swollen ovaries, to the green-skinned, and then the orange-skinned mature pumpkins), and this month is no exception.

Here then are a few drawings of their pumpkins, through their eyes:














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