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The Bug Hotel: Free City Accommodation!

In Creatures, Improvements on October 12, 2013 at 2:51 pm


This Wildlife Stack, or Bug Hotel, consists of recycled construction materials like wooden pallets and perforated bricks combined with natural materials to create various habitat opportunities for invertebrates. An ad in the bug classifieds would read: “accommodation free on a first come first served basis, extended family occupation encouraged, utilities included; located amidst 1 acre of private gardens, with gated entry, and a garden penthouse on the roof!”

“Rooms” include natural habitat like hollow phragmites reeds (ideal for pollinators like orchard mason bees, Osmia lignaria and O. cornifrons), straw, earth-packed perforated and cellular bricks, broken clay pots, sphagnum moss, bamboo, panicum grass stems (winter habitat for the beneficial minute pirate bug Orius insidiosus), stacked pine and maple bark, spruce cones, pine needles, stones and gravel, oak and maple leaves (for overwintering ladybugs), and even recycled inverted tactile pavers at the ground level which make this hotel ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant for blind or visually impaired bugs like ground beetles and earthworms!

Wildlife Stack The Wildlife Trusts UK“Wildlife Stack”, The Wildlife Trusts, UK

Insect Hotel at the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust Jersey“Insect Hotel” at the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, Jersey

Insect Condo in Scotland“Insect Condo” in Scotland

my initial salvage for a bug pallet stack hotelour initial salvage ~ ironically (see the Open Letter to the DC Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development on our main page), these materials, including wooden palettes, iron gratings, and various pieces of fencing, nails, and wire, were all salvaged from the ongoing gentrification in our community…

initial construction 1initial construction ~ hollow phragmites reeds, straw, earth-packed perforated and cellular bricks, broken clay pots, sphagnum moss, bamboo, panicum grass stems, oak and maple bark, spruce cones ~ two more storeys to go and then the “roof”…

initial construction 2“this building under construction”, three out of five storeys completed…

initial construction 4th storeyfourth storey underway…

initial construction ADAand now we are ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant ~ as required by DC law for all pedestrian crossings, we salvaged inverted tactile pavers from the road renovation on K St to place in our Bug Hotel at the ground level for the blind or visually impaired invertebrates…

initial construction 5th storeythe fifth and final storey including stacked pine bark, sphagnum moss, pine straw, and perforated bricks holding packed earth ~ next up, the penthouse garden…

finish 2and finally, as of April 2013, the penthouse garden which will be planted with various sedum salvaged from the new NPR building greenroof project on North Capitol St.


New Entry: the Bug Hotel with penthouse garden compete (and now some solitary bee spp. already moved in!), October 2013